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High Volume Thermal Screening Camera System (ANT-FR-Q11)
High Volume Thermal Screening Camera System (ANT-FR-Q11)

High Volume Thermal Screening Camera System (ANT-FR-Q11)


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Antlia Systems' Founder Michael George speaks to reporter Grady Trimble about Antlia's thermal screening technologies deployed at George Washington Middle School to keep students safe.

The ANT-FR-Q11 is a no-contact high volume body temperature screening tool that makes it easy to safely monitor crowds of people to identify out-of-range and abnormal body temperatures

The ANT-FR-Q11 High Volume Body Temperature Screening Tool is a camera system designed to efficiently scan groups of up to 50 people simultaneously and in real-time with a pinpoint ±0.3 degrees of accuracy.

Developed for use in high traffic areas, the ANT-FR-Q11's no-contact human temperature monitoring can also be used as a hybrid CCTV system, thanks to its sophisticated inbuilt facial recognition software. Security professionals can monitor the system live, or make use of the ANT-FR-Q11's AI-supported recording capabilities to search for incidents and individuals by time or even face.

Product Highlights

  • Our technology is ideal for high traffic areas screening over 50 people at once
  • Non-contact automatic temperature monitoring and instant measurement response
  • Records abnormal temperature information automatically capturing a persons identity with facial recognition
  • Live video monitoring and AI Search by time or faces

Product Includes

  • (1) Hybrid Q11 Camera
  • (1) Heat Source
  • (2) Tripods
  • (1) Temperature Screening Software
  • (1) One Year Warranty

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