ANT-8000 Table-top X-Ray Inspection System

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Weapons, Drugs, and explosives inspection

Automatic Threat Detection, Alert and material classification

Built-in automatic test and self-diagnostics


The main structure of the machine uses 2-3mm national standard cold rolled plate. The stainless steel material chooses standard 304 stainless steel, anticorrosive and anti-rust.

All steel structure frames are painted with anticorrosion treatment and are durable.

Uses 2-5mm lead plate to plug and shield the small gaps (no more than 1mm which is higher than the industry standard) between the joints of the machine structure to minimize the X-ray leakage dose. Compared with many other brands, it is safer and more environmentally friendly.


The surface layer of the belt is coated with rigid PVC and anti-static, which is more resistant to wear and has a longer service life. It is more resistant to cuts, scratches and dirt.

With a thickness of 2mm, the belt has a high tensile strength and is not prone to plastic deformation. However, under heavy load for extended periods of time a standard belt will thin and become deformed. By contrast, the 2mm-thick abrasive belt better meets transportations requirements for large and heavy items.


The unique anti-clamping device is installed outside the connector rack, under the belt of the entrance and exit of the passageway to prevent people from putting their hands into the bag by accident. This prevents people from being pinched on accident.


Double-layer lead curtain (lead equivalent 0.35mmPb) is used for staggered joint combination making the protection against radiation leakage better.
The inner part of the lead curtain is covered with high-strength nylon wire mesh, which can effectively reduce the probability of breakage of the middle part of the lead curtain. Using this method the lead curtain has a longer life and lower maintenance cost.


Each machine has passed strict high and low-temperature testing., humidity, heat, and vibration before leaving the factory.
All the performance indexes of the product have reached the international first-class level. The product has the best penetrating and resolving power in the industry, and the ultra-clear image processing system is comparable to the world’s top products.