ANT-7560i (33 Zones) Touch Screen Walk Through Metal Detector

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The ANT-7560i Touch Screen Walk-Through Metal Detector is designed to facilitate security checks in environments where there is human traffic.

It is designed for high performance and can scan through more than 60 persons in a minute.The ANT-7650i features a self-diagnostic function, HD color LCD touchscreen, WIFI, webcam and is resistant to corrosion and shock in addition to several other amazing features.

In terms of safe usage, the ANT-7560i is safe for pacemaker wearers and pregnant women and complies with EMC electromagnetic radiation standards.



33 zones precisely target locations on the left, center, and right side of the body. Independent detection and LEDs display on the right, center, and left of the zone for as small as one coin.

If the metal detected is on the left, the left LED will light up. If on the right side, the right LED will light up. If detected in the center, both left and right will light up.

Automatically records the number of people passed through, alarmed and strength of interference on the LCD.


Digital left, and right balanced technology helps prevent false positives or omitted alarms with significantly reducing interference.

Uses a processor-based continuous wave multiple sensor measurement systems with automatic self-diagnostics built in.

The metal detection gates can be operated either through the remote control or by the operation directly on the panel.

Doors can be put side by side at intervals of only 50cm without causing interference.


Adjustable sensitivity: Each zones sensitivity can be adjusted separately, ranging from 0 (lowest) to 400 (highest). Either through direct panel operation or the use of the remote.


Password protected only to allow authorized persons to operate or change the configuration.

There are three security levels available to differentiate between operations and configuration.


Generates low-intensity magnetic fields that are harmless to people with pacemakers, pregnant women, magnetic storage devices, or recording tapes.