ANT-8500 X-Ray Inspection System

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ANT-8500 is designed to scan baggage wherever security is a prime concern. Modern and effective, this high-tech X-Ray Machine comes equipped with reliable, glitch-free software ensuring continuous uptime during operation. Using cutting edge image processing techniques, the ANT-8500 suite quickly generates high-quality images. ANT-8500 high penetration power enables it to scan through 43mm of steel while still maintaining incredibly detailed high-quality images. All images are simultaneously stored and displayed for seamless operation.

This machine’s power is housed in a compact and lightweight design while energy-saving design keeps the power draw to a minimum.


  • Multi-lingual operation with a network-ready and energy-saving design
  • Self-diagnosis and built-in testing for minimal downtime
  • Security features including one key turn-off and secure access key
  • Included uninterruptible power supply for long operation times
  • Images are automatically stored for post-event recall and review
  • CE, FDA, ISO Certified.


  • Simple but effective design is user-friendly
  • Hours of uninterrupted detection thanks to the uninterruptible power supply
  • Customizable software to detect specific threats like drugs or explosives
  • Onboard storage for up to 500,000 high-resolution images with on-demand retrieval
  • Includes 1 console table


Operation, Technology

  • Multilingual operation
  • Automatic built-in test and self-diagnosis
  • Network‐ready

Design, Security

  • Energy saving hardware and software design
  • Secure access key
  • One key turn-off

Configuration, Software

  • 160KV X-ray generator
  • Automatic image storage
  • Image retrieve and recall